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Department of Healthcare Business
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Our top priority consists in assuring safety of your customers and staff from pathogenic infections.
Not every sanitizer/disinfectant is the same.
Sterilizing power is not easily visible. Be sure to verify if any related product holds reliable test data. Medilox is a sterilization system widely used by various medical institutions as it has been proved safe and effective in sterilization through diverse data collected from clinical studies on sterilizing power and stabilities against tubercle bacillus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), HIV and MRSA.
Operating principle of Medilox system
Do you know how your body eliminates bacteria penetrated into your body?
It is unexpectedly a lesser-known fact that Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is spontaneously generated within the blood. Although it’s been known in general that active oxygen dissolves foreign substances such as bacteria, penetrated into our body, the truth is that it changes its form into HOCl for bactericidal action. Neutrophil leukocyte contains a great deal of enzyme called Myelo-Peroxidase (MPO), and this enzyme reacts to chlorine within the body to generate HOCl which sterilizes the bacteria penetrated into the body in a millisecond. The reason why neutrophil leukocyte generates HOCI is that it aims at “safe sterilization”. Over thousands of years, we, humans have been protecting our bodies by generating HOCI inside the body.
What is Hypochlorous acid (HOCI)?
Hypochlorous acid, HOCl
Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generated from immune system within the human body is characterized by absence of tolerance and toxicity, and it is a high-level disinfectant sterilizing all bacteria in less than 30 seconds, including general pathogenic bacteria, tubercular bacillus, antibiotic resistant bacteria (super bacteria) and viruses of all sorts.
What is Hypochlorous acid?
Medilox provides customers with safe and powerful natural disinfectant by artificially producing HOCI, a natural bactericidal substance generated from immune system inside human body, based on the technology of Medilox.
Changes on the properties of effective chlorine by pH
As shown on the graph, the shape of residual chlorine changes depending on the pH of solution, and Medilox presents substantial sterilizing power and safety as over 99% of it is composed of HOCI.
pH: Less than 2.7
Unstable and dangerous at high concentration due to gasification
pH: 4.5-7.0
Powerful bactericidal effect by over 99% of HOCI
pH: More than 8.5
Weak sterilizing power due to major component of OCI-
Sterilizing power of chloride compounds (U.S. EPA)
Sterilizing power of chloride compounds (U.S. EPA)
The results are based on the test of sterilization time for 0.1mg/L chlorine carried out by the U.S. EPA

Test results
While it takes 1 minute for HOCI to kill coliform bacillus, it takes 80 minutes for Sodium hypochlorite.

It proves that bactericidal power of HOCI is 80 times stronger than that of Sodium hypochlorite.

※ The lower the chlorine concentration is, the safer it is; and the shorter the disinfection time is, the more effective it is.
Source: The U.S. EPA
Grounds for introducing Medilox System

Membership decal certified for bacteria-free clean space
A membership decal is issued once the healthcare center depends on Medilox Ensure System.

Keep people informed that your hospital endeavors to ensure the infection control for medical environments by affixing the membership decal at the entrance of the hospital.

Medilox Ensure System is determined to help your hospital in earning further trust and faith from customers.