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Department of Healthcare Business
HOME > Department of Healthcare Business > Cleaning > Medizyme
Medizyme is an exclusive enzymatic medical detergent with excellent cleaning effect combined with neutral nonionic surfactant with triple enzymatic detergents, designed to decompose protein, carbohydrate and lipid.
Application scope for Medilox in the course of reusing medical instruments
Use of Medizyme
  • (1) Cleaning of endoscope instruments
  • (4) Cleaning of endoscope accessories
  • (7) Cleaning of surgical instruments
  • (10) Cleaning of dental instruments
  • (2) Cleaning of instruments in OB/GYN
  • (5) Cleaning of instruments in Urology
  • (8) Cleaning of instruments in clinical pathology rooms
  • (11) Cleaning of hemodialyzers
  • (3) Cleaning of ultrasound equipment
  • (6) Central Supply Room
  • (9) Cleaning of instruments in intensive care units
Why is Medizyme required to be used?
- Proteins and organic substances of carbohydrate attached to medical instruments with blood and secretions of human body are not dissolved in water or emulsified; therefore, they cannot be cleaned with conventional detergents.
Biofilm discharged from human body functions as protective membrane for the survival of pathogens and viruses, so disinfectants are unable to sterilize direct source of infection; thus, incomplete removal of Biofilm brings about the secondary infection.
- Inadequate cleaning process is the biggest hindrance to sanitation and sterilization of medical instruments for prevention of infection at hospitals.
- Neutral detergent containing conjugated enzyme is the most appropriate detergent to clean medical instruments, in particular, of endoscope.
  (Disinfection, Sterilization & Antisepsis, Principles and Practices in Healthcare Facilities, Published by APIC in 2001.)
- Cases of using enzymatic detergent at general hospitals with over 300 beds across the country (Source: The Korean Society of Nursing for Infectious Diseases)
Classification Endoscopy Room Operating Room Dentistry Ward
Percentage of usage 79% 75% 46% 41%

- The use of enzymatic detergent is gradually increasing in the departments where the usage frequency of invasive instruments is high.
Features of Medizyme
Cleaning principle for 3 conjugated enzymes
Enzyme Dissolution material Contaminants Shape
Protease Proteins Blood, secretions
Amylase Carbohydrate Mucus, saliva, cellulose
LIpase Lipids Organic matter, fat

- Medizyme conjugated enzyme is capable of preventing natural dissolution of enzymes by specially constructed enzyme stabilizer and maintaining activities and life span of enzymes within detergents.
- A single type of enzyme only dissolves one type of material; however, 3 conjugated enzyme ingredients of Medizyme is able to dissolve all kinds of secretions from human body, such as blood, protein, fat, mucus, saliva and cellulose.
Comparison with detergents manufactured by other company
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