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Department of Food Sanitation Business
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Safe products & long-lasting freshness
The best solution to safety and freshness
of your food products

-It improves your image full of freshness, expiration date and quality.
-It protects your brand from cross infection.
-It reduces contraction of products, repair and additional cleaning.
Properties of Medilox Fresh System
Changes on the properties of effective chlorine by pH
As shown on the graph, the shape of residual chlorine changes depending on the pH of solution, and Medilox presents substantial sterilizing power and safety as over 99% of it is composed of HOCI.
pH: Less than 2.7
Unstable and dangerous at high concentration due to gasification
pH: 4.5 - 7.0
Powerful bactericidal effect by over 99% of HOCI
pH: More than 8.5
Weak sterilizing power due to major component of OCI
Safety of your customers and employees is the highest priority.
Medilox Fresh System places the highest priority on safety of your customers and employees. To achieve this goal, the system conducted the bacterial mutagenicity test on acute oral toxicity, skin hypersensitivity, eye irritation, skin irritation under international standards; subsequently, it concluded that it is not harmful to human bodies when used within the intended uses.
Test Items Results Test Items Results
Acute oral toxicity testing No toxicity Skin irritation test No irritation within 48 hours
Accumulated toxicity test No toxicity Eye irritation test No irritation within 7 days
Vaginal mucosa irritation test No irritation Colony formation deliquescence assay No toxicity

[Conclusion] Medilox Solution assures safety as it is non-toxic with low concentration (50-80 ppm), non-irritant to skin, damaged skin mucous and eyes, and free from allergy, cytolytic effect or carcinogenicity.

People's Liberation Army of China, Academy of Military medical Sciences, April of 2002

Superb bactericidal power
Medilox Fresh System eradicates fungus causing harmful pathogenic organism and putrefaction: We invite you to click here for more information on sterilizing power against E.coli 0157, Salmonella, Yeast and fungus.
Medilox Fresh System does not do damage to environment. The generated Medilox solution leaves no residues and transforms into water after elapsed time; thus, it is harmless to environment even if it is discharged to drainage.
Legal specification and standards for hypochlorous acid water
Notification on standards and specification for food additives, No. 2013-245
Name of food additive Hypochlorous acid water
English name of food additive Hypochlorous Acid Water
Content When quantifying this item, strongly acidic hypochlorous acid water, slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water and minor acidic hypochlorous acid water shall contain 20-60 ppm, 10-60 ppm and 10-80 ppm of active chlorine respectively.
Properties This item is a colorless liquid having no scent or slight chlorine scent.
Confirmation Test (1) When adding 1ml of sodium hydroxide solution (1→2,500) and 0.2 ml of iodide potassium test solution to 5l of this solution, it turns into yellow; but when adding starch test solution to this, it turns into dark blue.
(2) When adding 0.1 ml of potassium permanganate solution (1→300) and l ml of sulfuric acid (1→20) to this solution, reddish violet color does not fade.
(3) A solution with 100 ml of sodium hydroxide solution (1→5) added to this 90 ml of this product, there is a maximal absorbing area at the wavelength of 290-294 nm.
Purity test (1) Liquidity: When pH is measured by glass electrode method, the pH of strongly acidic hypochlorous acid water is less than 2.7, the pH of slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water is 2.7- 5.0 and pH of minor acidic hypochlorous acid water is 5.0- 6.5.
(2) Evaporated residues: When taking 20.0g of this item and drying it at 110° for 2 hours after moisture is evaporated, the residue should be less than 0.25%.
Quantitative method After 200g of this item shall be precisely measured, added with 2 g of iodide potassium and 10 ml of acetate (1→4), sealed immediately and left in the dark place for 15 minutes, isolated iodide will be titrated with 0.01M of sodium hyposulfite solution (indicator: starch test solution). A separate blank test shall be conducted based on the same procedure.
0.01M sodium hyposulfite solution 1 ml = 0.35453 mg Cl
Usage standards for hypochlorous acid water Hypochlorous acid water is used for food sterilization purpose, such as fruits and vegetables. It must be eliminated prior to completion of final food product.

Notification on standards and specification for food additives, No. 2011-71: Usage standards for disinfectant of instruments.
1. Apparatuses for food service and meal service facilities (including service facilities providing meals for less than 50 people at a single service): Less than 200 mg/L (as effective chlorine)
2. Equipment for dairy processing use: Less than 200 mg/L (as effective chlorine)
3. Equipment for food product manufacturing and processing: Less than 200 mg/L (as effective chlorine)
  ※ Minor acidic hypochlorous acid water produced from Medilox creating device can be easily used by any users as it is designed as disinfectant both for food products and apparatuses.