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Department of Environmental Business
Basic Concept
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New Technology of Dual Film Ionized
Micro Bubble Flaotation System for
Wastewater Treatment
Microbble is a floatation device to perform solid liquid separation on solids within wastewater by using double-film ultrafine bubbles, developed by SooSan CMC after applying principles of surface chemistry and theory of ultrafine bubble creation.

Microbble is an innovative micro bubble floatation concentration technology (NAF technology) capable of saving costs and enhancing efficiency by stably floating and concentrating raw sludge, surplus sludge or mixed sludge in the wastewater treatment facilities, and it can be used during new construction or expansion of advanced treatment facilities.

Microbble is a micro bubble floatation device under new concept, capable of increasing the efficiency of the entire rear end water treatment process by reducing the initial load of high-concentration and high-resolution livestock wastewater, leachate and excreta wastewater that cannot be processed during conventional dissolved air floater (DAF) and precipitation treatment, and also capable of superseded use of existing facilities.
Mimetic diagram of floatation facility
Microbble is one of the ways to concentrate solids within wastewater or sludge, which is designed to lead solid liquid separation by generating or injecting bubbles to attach to/increase solids.
Increased solids after floated at the floatation tank are to be separated through scraper where lower separated liquid is to be released to the treated water.